Planet X : Destroyer of Worlds!

The physics prove there was a Dwarf Star between Saturn and Uranus in its original orbit as pictured on the Akkadian Cylinder Seal from 3K BC. This perfectly reconciles Bode's Law as well as the Standard Acretion Model and the Mass missing from the Solar System not to mention the Kuiper Belt Perturber and, of course, Solar System Catastrophism. Sitchin's work has been verified by an expert in the Sumerrian according to Jim Marrs latest book, "Our Occulted History". The Dragon Dismemberment Mythology from every culture on the Planet supports the existence of this rogue Planet.

Planet X broke the Ecliptic June 27th hitting Stereo with Electromagnetic Distortion that continues weeks later indicating the High Mass Object causing the distortion is still in the area. Two days after it broke the Ecliptic its Gravity Waves hit Stereo knocking them higher making the Planets Mercury and Earth appear to drop in their orbits. You can actually see both Mercury and Earth do a Three Step - Forward, Backward and Two Steps Down perfectly showing the passing of the Gravity Wave. Since the publishing of this video the Stereos have recorded a Black Spot 'transiting' the Sun from Earth's point of view, the Sun's Umbra has become 'Eclipsed' by an Unseen Object and a Umbral 'Pole' formed on the other side of the Sun on July 16th at the same approximate time distortion slammed into Lasco.

Planet X passed the Sun on July 15th and then popped Io's cork in August and we pass through its wake around October 20th possibly resulting in a Pole Shift. It is now outbound around the Asteroid Belt indicated by a recent massive CME. Now we have to worry about passing through all the debris in its wake and the surge in Asteroids and Meteorites is an indication that we are approaching its wake now. ETA around October 21, 2013 Anno Domini which just happens to be the exact anniversary of the Global Flood on the Jewish Calendar this year.

Yesterdays Massive CME lets us triangulate Planet X's position due the alignment with it and the Sun and Saturn. Then we can back track to where it passed Earth's Orbit and determine how long before we reach that same location - about 20 days from now just in time for Halloweeen. Expect a spectacular increase in Fireballs between now and then.

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