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Planet X : Destroyer of Worlds!

The physics prove there was a Dwarf Star between Saturn and Uranus in its original orbit as pictured on the Akkadian Cylinder Seal from 3K BC. This perfectly reconciles Bode's Law as well as the Standard Acretion Model and the Mass missing from the Solar System not to mention the Kuiper Belt Perturber and, of course, Solar System Catastrophism. Sitchin's work has been verified by an expert in the Sumerrian according to Jim Marrs latest book, "Our Occulted History". The Dragon Dismemberment Mythology from every culture on the Planet supports the existence of this rogue Planet.

Planet X broke the Ecliptic June 27th hitting Stereo with Electromagnetic Distortion that continues weeks later indicating the High Mass Object causing the distortion is still in the area. Two days after it broke the Ecliptic its Gravity Waves hit Ster

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