Middleweight boxers Vargas and Mayorga start trash talk and a brawl at press conference

12th July 2007

Fernando Vargas and Ricardo Mayorga are itching to get into the ring after their pre-fight press conference ended in a brawl after a bitter exchange of words between the two fighters.

The pair were promoting their up-coming middleweight bout at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles on 8th September, but already the two seem to be at war.

Controversial Nicaraguan Mayorga was goading Vargas from the off by repeatedly calling him 'fatty', while Vargas responded by grabbing his crotch, gesturing to Mayorga and shouting: 'Here's your fatty'.

Although at first it was just comical trash talk, the breaking point came with Mayorga went too far for the liking of Vargas.

"I will do Vargas a favour by retiring him in this fight so his family doesn't have to suffer every time he steps in the ring," Mayorga said.

"I'm going to do your wife a favour and not let her cry anymore after I disfigure you.?

That was enough for Vargas, who responded with ?You don't talk about my wife", before leaping out of his seat and flying at Mayorga.

The two entourages were involved in a sizeable scrum on the podium and Vargas got in several blows on his upcoming opponent before Mayorga left the press conference.

Mayorga added more to the grudge match by claiming: "I'm going to give Vargas the chance to cash his last pension check.

?I would like to say publicly that 'fatty' over here (Vargas) has always feared me.

"When I was crowned junior middleweight world champion most recently against Michele Piccirillo, Vargas tried to have the World Boxing Council strip me of the title so it could be handed to him.

"I conceded to take this fight at 162lbs because fatty couldn't lose any more weight. After this fight I'm going back to 147. I want Mayweather, Mosley, all of them.?

Vargas insists this is his last fight before retiring, and is determined to go out with a victory after losing his last fight against Shane Mosley in July 2006.