Beck on the "Me" Generation, Politcal Correctness, and Our Future


I've purposefully captured the majority of this video from Beck's show today because other liberal sites are already selectively pulling out the "generation of would-be killers" segment. I want you to see/hear Beck's argument en toto so you know the context.

I agree with Beck that we've raised a generation of whiner cry-babies who think they have everything coming to them, without any question or merit. Should we choose to continue down this path, our future generations will be unable to provide for themselves or their children, much less their aging parents should that be an issue for them.

Exit question/request for Beck-haters: Can you please refute one piece of Glenn's stance on this issue????? I, too, want a simpler explanation to a question that sadly I know all-to-clearly has no simple response. I was brought up in the age of consequences for my actions, and I never received awards nor accolades that I did not earn or deserve. That's what's wrong with this new generation growing up today; dare I say the "Obama voters" we all know too well.

I am in my own personal position because of decisions I made in my life, so why should the new generation of folks be expecting anything different? The time for blaming others is over. You have to take responsibility for your behaviors, while also accepting praise for your successes should that be the case. You succeed because of YOUR actions; not because of the actions of the community.

The sooner folks realize that we as individuals are solely responsible for our futures, the better off we will be as a nation. Otherwise, Americans will constantly look to the Nanny State government to bottle-feed them, send them to school, and wipe their asses when they make a mess.

Gen-Xers crying because they can't get the salary they think they deserve on an entry-level job. Cry me a freakin river and get in line with the rest of the competitive market of job-seekers. Nobody owes you a job, and jobs don't belong to you, so this crap about "our jobs are going overseas" is bull$hit. They're not your jobs in the first place; they are jobs a company has to GIVE you in exchange for your talents.

Don't have the talents for that job? Not a problem then. I'll see you at McDonald's next I pick up my Big Mac meal combo - and you'll like it or go on the public dole. Either way, you're a parasite. You're not owed anything, and you won't get any sympathy from me.

Would you like fries with that?
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