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Geese Grind North America's Busiest Highway To A Halt.

Family Of Geese Bring 401 Traffic To Grinding Halt
Sunday May 13, 2007

It started out as a normal day on the eastbound 401 near Kennedy. Cars were speeding by at about 100 km an hour. The traffic was a bit heavier than usual with it being Mother's Day. Then around 10:30am something out of the ordinary happened, a family of Canada Geese - mother, father and two babies - attempted to cross eight hectic traffic lanes. It was chaos.

Cars swerved every which way to avoid hitting them causing other drivers to break hard. There were some heart-stopping moments as motorists came to a screeching halt. The wandering family managed to make it half way to the other side when they got stuck and tried to turn back. That's when OPP stepped in and stopped traffic so that an officer with Toronto Animal Services, Pat Piercy, went to gather the geese and bring them to safety. "It was remarkable. The

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