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The Bizarre Surinam toad


Order: Anura (Salientia) Family: Pipidae (5 Pipa species)

They are 6 to 8 inches long with a darkish gray-brown to black ,mottled body which is flattened and rectangular in shape. the head is triangular with flaps of skin on jaws. Fingers are free with a tactile organ shaped like a rayed star on tips. The Surinam toad has large powerful rear legs with webbed toes which are clawless. Tiny black eyes are lidless and appear to have been put in the wrong place. Upper surface covered with small, pointed protuberances. Ventral surface has two "seams", dark gray lines
running up midline and across throat region. Female has an extended, slightly tubular ovipositor.

Amazon region in South America, Peru, Guyana, Surinam, Brazil. Neotropics, in oxygen-deficient, muddy, turbid, even polluted water. Live on the bottom and surface for air

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