Senior Road Tower Collapse - 1982

Senior Road Tower, Missouri City, Tx. Tower collapses when lifting final section of tower into place. Due to design problems with placement of lifting ears, the lifting company had to design an alternative way to lift the final section and they underestimated the force that would be placed on the bolts. Two U-bolts failed when the section snagged on the guy wires. The bolt company was also sued for substandard bolts that weren't able to handle the weight that they were supposedly rated for. 5 workers died. This video is of mediocre quality, but consider the source and age. Video is lengthy, but shows various stages of tower construction, video from high up the tower, collapse, and aftermath. During the slow motion sequence of the collapse, two workers can be seen falling to their deaths. There is only sound when the cameraman comments on what he is witnessing. Sources on the internet say the cameraman nearly lost his head when a guy wire snapped near him and that probably explains why he drops the camera.