ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (Are They Joking?)

ISIS is a multi-agency project. The Saudis are involved. The Turks and CIA too. The Mossad is the ultimate source. The objective is three-part:

Give the US an excuse to keep a heavy military presence in Iraq. The Iraqis told the US a few years ago to get the fuck out, so the US gave them a reason to want them around.

[/*]An excuse to take out Assad. The US tried to create a reason to bomb the fuck out of Syria and destroy Assad's regime -- that's what the whole chemical weapons thing was about a couple of a years ago -- and when that failed they had to come up with Plan B. So what's happening now? US bombing is taking out Syria's infrastructure and targeting Syrian military assets. Fighting ISIS is a smokescreen.

[/*]The "Hornet's Nest" strategy. Thousands of ISIS militants are being recruited from around the world to fight for them. It's a death trap. And it's deliberate.

[/*][/list]There are other benefits to ISIS. It's the new boogeyman to keep the public in a state of fear. It created the right climate to swing the November election to more conservative candidates. And I'm sure the defense and intelligence industries love having a reason to continue siphoning their billions off the government. Remember, Iraq and Afghanistan are wound down and Al-Qaeda is decimated. ISIS is the latest excuse to keep spending all that money. Otherwise, in a time of tight budgets, there would be a call to reduce spending.

ISIS. Such an obvious concoction. Do you really think a militant group with tens of thousands of fighters and weapons galore could really form out of nowhere? ...especially in Israel's backyard?