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Traditional Japanese Shurikenjutsu - Part 2

Commonly referred to as a "ninja star" by Hollywood and the general public. The shuriken was not exclusive to ninjas or ninjutsu. The shuriken was also used by samurai and other fighting classes.

Although this documentary is in Japanese, I think you will find the footage to be truly amazing. This is for people that are interested in classical Japanese martial arts and for people that have no More.. idea what it is. This is a three part documentary.

The word shuriken, composed of the characters " shu", "ri" and "ken", is literally translated as "hand hidden blade". The character "ri" is composed of the morpheme (meaning component) "i" as in clothing, in the sense of covering, as well as the phoneme (sound component) "li", together representing the idea of "reverse, back, or covered. Ri (the on yomi reading) is also read in kun yomi as ura, which to us martial artists would be famili

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