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UFO. Fact Or fIction ?

UFO Quotes from Presidents, Astronauts, Senior Military and more. UFO Cover Up? These people say YES.

"Mission control, we have a UFO pacing our position, request instructions."

Astronaut Cady Coleman
NASA Transmission - Shuttle Mission STS-73

"All Apollo and Gemini flights were followed, both at a distance and sometimes also quite closely, by space vehicles of extraterrestrial origin - flying saucers, or UFOs, if you want to call them by that name.

Every time it occurred, the astronauts informed Mission Control, who then ordered absolute silence."

Maurice Chatelain
Former Chief of NASA Communications Systems

"At no time, when the astronauts were in space were they alone: there was a constant surveillance by UFOs."

NASA Astronaut Scott Carpenter
Carpenter photographed a UFO while in orbit on May 24, 1962. NASA still has not released the photograph.

"Let there


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