​Crime (Israel) and Punishment (Russia)

Heavy smoke and fire billow following an Israeli military strike in Gaza City on July 29, 2014

So Obama, Merkel, Cameron, Hollande and Renzi – let’s call them the
Fab Five - got on a video conference call to muster their courage and
“increase pressure” asking for a cease-fire in Gaza. Later in the day,
Bibi delivers his answer, in plain language.

He remains dead set on achieving his version of a www.jpost.com/Operation-Protective-Edge/Netanyahu-Were-prepa With or without

So what's left for the Fab Five after having their illustrious
Western collective behinds solemnly kicked? They decide to dump
Gaza and instead SANCTION RUSSIA! AGAIN! How brilliant is that as
an exit strategy?

Spectacular non-entity Tony Blinken, who doubles as deputy
national security adviser to Obama, was keen to stress to Western
corporate media that the unruly Eurotrash mob is now
“determined to act”. No, not against Israel because of
Gaza; against Russia because of Ukraine. Such a lovely Orwellian
symmetry; the extended Two Minutes Hate from Israel towards
Gazans morphs into the extended Two Minutes Hate from the
“West” towards Russia, mirroring the extended Two
Minutes Hate from Kiev towards Eastern Ukrainians.

Not even Hollywood could come up with such a plot; Israel gets
away with unlawful premeditated mass murder of civilians, while
Russia gets framed for an airborne mass murder of civilians that
has all the makings of being set up by the Kiev vassals of
Russia’s Western"partners".

I have exposed how sanctions, sanctions, sanctions is the one and
only official Obama administration “policy” on Russia.
On top of the next EU sanctions, coming soon, the US is piling up
– what else – more rt.com/usa/176516-bank-moscow-financial-sanctions/.
After all, Washington is so “concerned” that Moscow will
sooner or later invade Ukraine; that would certainly, and
finally, answer all those In God We Trust prayers.

Where we stand now

Let’s follow the facts. Washington from the get-go said it was
Putin’s missile that downed MH17. They swore they had evidence.
Like in “We know. Trust us”. The historical record for
the past 60 years at least shows they cannot be trusted. There
was never any evidence. Just spin.

Moscow, via the Defense Ministry, presented hard evidence. And
called for an unbiased international investigation. Washington
ignored it all – the call and the hard evidence.

The US Navy, crammed with state of the art missile defense
radars, has been roaming the Black Sea for weeks now. As much as
the Russians, they have tracked every particle flying over
Ukraine. The NSA goes for signals intelligence; the National
Geospatial-Intelligence Agency goes for phenomena in the imagery
realm; the Defense Intelligence Agency adds Humint; there’s the
CIA; and there’s the all-seeing, all-knowing Director of National
Intelligence (DNI). How come all this trillion-dollar Full
Spectrum Dominance apparatus cannot come up with a single,
conclusive piece of evidence?

Chief of the Air Force General Staff Igor Makushev and Head of the Main
Operations Directorate of the HQ of Russia’s Armed Forces Andrei
Kartapolov (from right to left) at the news conference on the crash of
the Boeing 777 passenger airliner in Ukraine

The only risible “evidence” presented so far pictures
the acronym salad of US intel agencies spending their time
actively reading blogs and Twittering. As in the State Department
head in Kiev twittering satellite imagery the New York Times
parroted “proved” Russia is shelling Ukraine from across the
border. The proverbial “senior US officials” even had to
tersely admit on the record they have no proof whatsoever about
“Putin’s missile”. If they had, NATO would be already
flipping burgers in Red Square.

Based on the wealth of info now in the open, the top probability
causing the MH17 tragedy was a R-60M air-to-air missile shot from
a Ukrainian Su-25 – and not a BUK (there’s also the possibility
of a double down; first a R-60M and then a BUK). The R-60M is
very fast, with an ideal engagement distance of up to 5 km.
That’s how far the Su-25 detected by the Russians (they showed
the graphics) was from MH17.

SBU – Ukrainian intel – for its part confiscated the recordings
of Kiev control tower talking to MH17. That would certainly
explain why MH17 was overflying a war zone (Malaysian Airlines
revealed they were forced to). Hefty bets can be made the
recordings are now being “doctored”.

Smoke rises after an explosion in the northern Gaza Strip July 29, 2014

Then there are the black boxes, which will not de decoded by the
Malaysians or by the Dutch, but by the Brits – acting under
Washington’s orders. As The Saker summed up the view of top
Russian specialists, “the Brits will now let the NSA falsify
the data and that falsification will be coordinated with the SBU
in Kiev which will eventually release the recordings who will
fully ‘confirm’ the ‘authenticity’ of the NSA-doctored recordings
from the UK.” To make it more palatable, and erase
suspicions about Anglo-American foul play, the Dutch will
announce it. Everyone should be forewarned.

NATO heads, for their part, are droolin’. Kiev’s forces/militias
will hold “joint exercises” with NATO in Ukraine in
slightly over a month from now, on September 1; red alert
applies, because this is when Poroshensko said the slow motion
ethnic cleansing of Donbass will be finished.

As for the R2P (“responsibility to protect”) angle, it sounds
quite improbable. True, Moscow can always say that unless the
slow motion ethnic cleansing of Donbass stops, they will
recognize the Donetsk and Luhansk Republics. In that case, Moscow
would be replaying Abkhazia and South Ossetia; a de facto R2P
backed by military muscle. Under international law – which
Washington never respects, by the way – this is not the same as
“invading” Ukraine. The frankly scary Samantha Power would
obviously freak out – but that’s a dose of her own medicine. It
would indeed be comparable to what the Americans are doing to the
benefit of those Salafi-jihadis in Syria; and better yet, to what
the US did in Kosovo.

The $50billion vultures

And now, on top of sanctions, Moscow also has to contend with a
massive $50 billion theft attempt. The International Arbitration
Court in The Hague found that the Kremlin’s pursuit of Yukos and
its main shareholder, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a decade ago was
politically motivated. Moscow can’t appeal – but it will pursue
all legal avenues for trying to get it “set aside”.

Well, it’s The Hague’s decision itself that is political.
Khodorkovsky was found guilty not only by the Russian judicial
system but also by the European Court of Human Rights. Yukos and
Menotep shareholders were and remain a bunch of oligarch
gangsters – to put it mildly.

So here’s the Empire of Chaos once again in action, manipulating
a Dutch court after literally stealing Germany's gold and fining
France for selling warships to Russia. In this case though, the
“West” has more investments in Russia than the Russian
government in the West. Payback could be a bitch – as in Moscow,
for instance, freezing all US and EU energy investments
especially in the new ultra-profitable frontier, the Arctic oil
fields. Western Big Oil will never allow this to happen. BP is
already on the record saying more sanctions is madness.

This could go on forever. The bottom line: the Russian state
simply won’t allow itself to be robbed by a dodgy ruling on
behalf of a bunch of oligarchs. In parallel, a case can be made
that not only the Return of the Living (Neo-Con) Dead but also
substantial sections of the deep state in DC and environs – as
well as “Western” plutocracy - want to provoke some sort of NATO
war against Russia, sooner rather than later.

And in another parallel line, Moscow rumor has it that the
Kremlin finds this protracted post-Yukos battle just an
afterthought compared to the economic war about to convulse
Europe and eventually pit Europe against Russia; exactly what the
Empire of Chaos is praying – and working - for. “Two
Minute” Hate? Talk about hours, days, weeks, and years.