Ukraine: Foreign Engineered Regime Change Operation

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Global Research, January 30, 2014

The situation in Ukraine is a fluid one and changing by the hour.
Although it had appeared that there was a resolution to the protests
that had broken out after the government of Ukraine had made the
sovereign decision of sticking with Russia and saying no to closer
European Union integration, excessive violence from the western backed
opposition has spread like a wave throughout the country.
The so called Ukrainian “opposition” now resembles something more
akin to armed insurgents in Syria involved in a coup d’état than
opposition protestors.
The situation in Ukraine once again underlines US hypocrisy. The
US, which prides itself on protecting its police, supports an
“opposition” which is threatening, attacking, kidnapping and setting
young police officers on fire. The scene currently playing out in
Ukraine has all of the signs of a foreign engineered regime change
operation and with the taking of government buildings, has unarguably
moved into a scenario where the continuity of the state is in question.
Voice of Russia regular and NATO expert Rick Rozoff discussed all of
these issues and more as the situation threatens to spin out of control.
Robles: Thanks a lot. I was wondering if we can get your views on
what is going on in Maidan or Independence Square in Ukraine. It seems
like the level of violence is escalating with … looks like no end in
sight, I don’t know. What do you think?
Rozoff: No, you are absolutely correct. Ukraine has become, you know,
the center of attention I think , globally, right now, the cynosure.
People are focused on it with good reason. In a way it’s replaced Syria
as the, how would I put it, proxy conflict between the East and West
with the West once again on the offensive. That is, in an attempt to do
something, nothing short of toppling an elected government of a nation
that has close state-to-state relationships with Russia.
And what is happening is fluid, of course, but it is also tense and
it is also fraught with not only dangerous but potentially catastrophic
consequences if the violence that exists in Kiev in and around
Independence Square and now by recent reports spreading into parts of
Western Ukraine where the hotbeds of nationalist and even fascistic
extremism are…
So I think what you are seeing is well-coordinated series of
activities that began in Kiev and may very well spread to the Western
part of Ukraine.
Robles: I see. What are your views on who is behind all this, and the
reasons for it? Now at first they came up with that there was the EU
integration, then they were protesting the government, and then they
were calling for early elections, then they were protesting against
Now one of the objects of the protesters&# 39; actions is
something about some students that were beat several weeks ago. It just
seems like they are finding any reason whatsoever to keep escalating and
continuing their violence.
During the night there were negotiations and the opposition said they
had agreed to the conditions set by the government to stop their
violent activities, and then they went out and announced this to their
supporters. Their supporters weren’t happy about it and they went back
on their word, they said: ‘No, we are not going to agree to any cease in
our violence’ .
And they are continuing with their violence which, they’re throwing
Molotov cocktails at Police. All of the Police and the security forces
they are suffering severe burns and the violence against the police is
And of we look at who the leaders are, it brings a lot of questions
to my mind – as who is actually running all of this? I mean they’ve got
this ex-boxer, he is promoting all this violence.
Can you give us some comments on him and on the resolution by the
Russian State Duma yesterday, if you could, regarding the violence?
Rozoff: Yes, the opposition, and again we have to keep in mind in a
fluid situation like this, and what we are looking at is really not only
a destabilization but ultimately a regime change technique or scenario.
But what we see is the boxer, the heavyweight boxer Vitali Klichko, and
two other nationalists emerging as what is a typical color revolution
scenario where there is a triumvirate or triad of political leaders.
This was true by the way during the Orange Revolution, so-called, in
2004 and 2005. We had Viktor Yanukovich (Yushchenko) , Yulia Tymoshenko
and Alexander Moroz as being the triumvirate, modeled after that in
Georgia, incidentally, the preceding year, in 2003.
So, the question is begged of course, about whether the public or
nominal leadership is really anything more than figureheads, or are
anything more than figureheads, and whether in fact there is not
something more substantive behind it both internally and of course
So what we are looking at is a degree of violence against police
officers that would not be tolerated in any other European country, I
can assure you, certainly not in the West. But being cheered on and
supported unequivocally by Western political leaders in the European
Union, in the United States, in NATO I might add.

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