BREAKING: Infant Found Dead After ‘Routine’ Vaccination. Hospital Accused Of Cover Up.

This morning, an infant was found dead shortly after receiving what’s
being termed “routine vaccinations.” The two and a half-month-old girl
died after allegedly being administered the HIB vaccine at 1:30 pm and
then subsequently was found dead this morning. The family is accusing
the hospital, which is a privately owned hospital located in suburban
Mumbai, India, of then attempting to cover it up.
They brought the baby back to the same hospital and allege Doctors
took an hour to even show up and then began a process of trying to quiet
them. According to the source article, the baby had turned pale and motionless.

“The HIB vaccine was administered as part of routine vaccination.
After that the baby was fine, but this morning we found that she had
turned pale and was lying motionless. We realised that she was dead,” a
family member said.
“We took the baby to the same hospital again. However, the doctor and
staff arrived one hour later and attempted to hush up the matter,” the
relative alleged.

A post-mortem report is expected soon, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.
In most of these cases, those performing the post-mortem autopsy are
merely shills for the hospital who ensure a release of liability for
everyone involved.
Hib vaccine is supposed to prevent serious
infections caused by a type of bacteria called Haemophilus influenzae
type b. This includes meningitis (an infection of the covering of the
brain and spinal cord), pneumonia (lung infection), and epiglottitis (a
severe throat infection). The first dose is recommended at 6 weeks with
subsequent doses being recommended 4 weeks following each one.
The HIB vaccine has a vast history of causing side-effects and injuries to infants. Here’s an excerpt from

According to
(a searchable VAERS database) as of June 2012, there have been 12,140
serious adverse events reported to VAERS in connection with all Hib
vaccines combined. Most of this number were children under age 3
(11,278). Serious reactions included deaths (471) and such things as
anaphylactic reaction, asthma, pneumonia, convulsions, noninfectious
encephalitis, acute pancreatitis, peripheral neuropathy, Guillain-Barre
syndrome, sepsis, seizures, cerebral edema.


Besides the deaths reported in the clinical trials, deaths have been
recorded in post-marketing reports as well. In fact, an open letter to
Dr. Margaret Chan, director general of the World Health Organization, in
March 2012 calls attention to the deaths the author says are connected
with the pentavalent (DPT + Hib + Hepatitis B vaccine in India, Sri
Lanka, Bhutan, and Pakistan.2 The authors add that the cause of the problem is unrelated to the brand or manufacturer or lot of the vaccine:
“It appears to be a form of ‘hypersensitivity reaction’ as
described in the post mortem report on one of the children in Kerala.
The vaccine can be administered to many patients without problems and
there is no available method at present to predict which infant will
react adversely.”

You can see the existing motivation to cover up any occurrences of
injury as well as, in this current case, death. Getting justice in these
matters is a long enduring road. Even if you can get them to admit the
vaccine “may” be related, you are then subject to years of push back.
Back in January of 2015, a “cancer vaccine” study prompted by the Bill
and Melinda Gates Foundation killed a group of children. The case was
taken to the Supreme Court of India (source). India is a wildly growing demographic for vaccines and is consistently corrupt in the face of clear matters of injury.


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