Clarendon Cup bicycle race won by 4-man break that lapped the field

On the 9th of June, the Clarendon Cup bicycle race was held for the 14
year in a row around the Clarendon Metro area. The event and it's
compainion Crystal City race have attracted a curious sponsor: the
fuel-guzzling US Air Force and Boeing, who have renamed it the US Air
Force Cycling Classic.

One the color guard was out of the way and the racing got going, things
got interesting. One man broke away almost immediately but was soon
caught by the charging pack. It wasn't long afterwards that another
rider broke away, pursued by a three rider chase group. He went on to
finish third in the entire event, as one of 4 riders to lap the entire
field. He was caught by the three man chase group, then all 4 riders
pulled together and started gaining on the main field.

It's not uncommon for a leader or lead group to lap the field on this
tight criterium course, last year's winner lapped the entire field on a
solo breakaway.

In the last third of the race, the breakaway was back in the main
field, but had lapped them, not been caught by them. From then on, the
only thing that could keep any of them from the 4 place podium would be a
crash, a mechanical, or a flat-out bonk, unlikely once back in the
field's shelter from the wind.

Two of the teams with riders in the break kept the speeds as high as
possible in the closing laps to keep the sprinters under control. This
might seem risky, as it means the chance of burning out riders who did
the extra work to catch and lap the field goes up. On the other hand, a
mass field sprint means the risk of crashes, so fewer and weaker sprints
means less risk of being taken down early.

In the end, the man who stepped up to break away, bringing out the 3
man chase group finshed third, while one of the winner's teammates won
the final sprint at the finish.