Everyone Must Know This – The Human Skull Defect

Read this through, it will only take 5 minutes. This will explain why human have emotional expression, why human are getting weaker, and how the government is using this to their advantage. How the medical field have use this to make trillion of dollars. And now that this condition has worsen, the government's only option is to kill off all mankind before it get out of hand. This will tell it all. The Human Skull Defect.

First of all, I want you all to take a look at the picture below.

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above is a skull of a human, while the one below is of a Gorilla.
Notice the difference between the height of both skulls. Now here’s a
picture of a human skull alone including the part of the neck or
cervical vertebrae.

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You can see that I drew a red cross in the middle of the skull indicating
the point where the cervical vertebrae are connected to the skull.
Notice that the red spot is not at the centre of the skull (which is the
center of gravity for the skull). The head structure seems to be “too
high” and the forehead “too wide” in comparison with the middle point.
This to me simply means that our head is not efficiently supported by
our neck muscle. Think of it as we are balancing a “bowling ball” on our
neck. If you were to put this “bowling ball” on a monkey’s neck, in the
long term, it too will stand up straight in order to balance this
“ball” effieciently. That’s what I think. If you look at women, some of
them have thinner neck muscle which will contribute to osteoporosis.
Although for men, the curve on a women’s body seems very attractive but
this occur in order to balance their head, which to me is very unhealthy
for the spine. Here’s something to prove my point This is the untouch
picture showing some primates skeleton and also a human skeleton.

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In this picture, I have pasted the upper head of a human skull to the
other primates upper skull in order to show that by doing so it will not
only increase the weight of the skull but also the height of the skull.

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Compare this to a primate head

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As you can see, the primate upper head is well supported by its neck
muscle. The center of gravity is low compared to the human skull which
allows it to easily control its head without much effort. So if you
think logically, due to earth's gravity, there is no way that evolution
will cause the skull to increase in height and eventually became what
human skull is right now. That would be like anti-gravity. So here's the
billion dollars question: Where did human beings came from? Certainly
not from this planet. If so then someone or something must had done
something to altered the biological system inside the human body.

Some of you may say that this is rubbish and that you can move your head
without any problem. In order to move a muscle, we need energy. Energy
comes from our blood which contains glucose from what we eat and oxygen
through our breathing. Let me give you an example; as you are looking at
your computer screen for a period of time you will get tired. This is
because you are simply not breathing in enough oxygen to allow your neck
to support your head. Do you like to eat while you are using the
computer? Now you know. This is also the reason you will find that most
people tend to move their head (up, down, left, right) when they are
talking. Have you ever notice that? I believe this is because our heart
is trying accommodate with the lifting of our head along with our
breatihng. When we look down, we feel relax because our heart don’t have
to work as hard to lift our head and we cn breath easier. This is also
the reason why some people seem to be more confident than others, while
others feel nervous all the time. A confident person just has a stronger
neck muscle or the center gravity of their skull is more balanced thus
allowing them to move their head easier than other people without
affecting their breathing. It’s that simple. Now, some of you may ask
what significant does all these have to do with you? My answer to this
question is “EVERYTHING”. I am confident that it is this defect that
have made human weaker in terms of physical and mental. This also
contributes to the emotional expression that we are displaying today.

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This show the long term effect of such defect. As we get older, our skull
will slowly lean forward due to gravity (the long red arrow shows the
direction in which the skull will slowly fall). Since our brain is
inside the skull and doesn’t move, what will happen is it will stretch
the nerves around the brain which runs through our body (the short
double arrows show some of the spots which the stretch will occur).
These include our eyes, ears, mouth, and most importantly our spinal
cord. Now, what will happen if this stretch continues?

For our eyes: Illnesses such as far sighted or near sighted, glaucoma, or in a more severe case – retina tear.

For our ears, the ear drum will be stretched and weak in hearing will

For our mouth: Ulcer, gum disease(some may find that their gum
bleed easily), sensitive teeth, and tonsillitis, just to name a few.

Here's a picture of a human brain, your brain.

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Notice the back of the brain is compressed compared to the front of the brain.
This can only be explained by pressure put on the back of the brain. As
a result the brain itself will no longer be functioning efficiently.
Blood circulation inside the brain will be affected significantly,
causing it to degenerate. This is the reason human kind are unable to
utilize the full potential of the brain.

Not only that, when the part of the brain which is responsbile for controlling certain organ in the
body was compressed, for instance the liver. This will cause the liver
to not function efficiently. Thus, cancer may start to develope.

The effect for our spinal cord would be back pain. In a long run, illnesses
such as osteoporosis will start to developed. The reason for this can
be clearly seen with the pictures below
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The first picture shows a normal vertebrae if you will. Flexible with
minimum friction. As the human skull fall forward, it will pull the
nerve from the brain all through the spine which can be seen as
illustrated in the second picture. Also, the back muscle will tense up
in order to lift the head and this will also cause harm to the
vertebrae. This is why I am certain that drinking more cows milk will
only increase the weight of our skull and thus accelerate the
development of osteoporosis. Here’s the link to prove what I mean.


Notice that Norway, Holland, Sweden, and Denmark which are countries that
produce large amount of cows milk incidently also have one of the
highest case of osteoporosis in the world.
When the weight of human skull increases, it will put more stress to the heart. This of course is
very bad and will couse heart attack. I REPEAT. NEVER NEVER DRINK COW

To the brain itself, due to the pressure and
stretching inside the skull, I strongly believe that brain cells will
start to die off resulting in memory loss or Parkinson’s disease in
severe cases. Some people may experience headache, fever or even apnea
(sleeping disorder). Between the membrane of the brain and the inner
skull, friction will also occur. As a result it will cause some minor
tissue tear. But because there are no nerves on our brain’s membrane
which detect pain, what we will feel is warmness and sometimes fever.
Also, don’t forget that the outer layer of the skull is of course our
skin which involves blood arteries and veins. Due to the stretching by
the neck muscle, the skin on our forehead will get thinner, resulting in
blocking of blood supply which leads to baldness in the beginning and
sometimes headache will occur. Look at the picture below and you will
understand what I’m saying.

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On the third picture, you can see that due to the “nature” of our skull
structure, our face are being stretched, causing the face pores and
muscles to be tighten and eventually resulting in condition such as acne
and deviated septum. This is also directly responsible for certain
facial expression on our face. It is this stretch and pull of muscles
which result in us having different faces. Most importantly, this
stretch will result in poor blood circulation through out the human
body. Therefore, by constantly massaging the scalp and face area, it
will improve the blood circulation and may prevent certain diseases like
heart attack. Due to this heavy skull of ours, our body will tense up
even if you don’t realize it. The nerves from our brain to our spinal
cord will be stretched. Our breathing is significantly affected by this
condition. This have prevented us from breathing properly as you can see
from the picture below.

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This have caused our organs to degenerate faster and causing illneses such
as diabetes, cancers, heart disease, kidney failure and etc. This is
even directly causing mental illness to some. Behavior such as bad
temper, extremely emotional and even a long term effect such as
syncophonic. Many allergic such as asthma and sensitive skin can be
prevented if proper breathing technique is practice at the early stage.
Human being are becoming weaker mainly because of this defect which is
preventing us from fully utilizing the potential of our mind. What a

Here’s a simple experiment which you can all do in front of
your computer screen. Sit up straight and put both of your palms on top
of your head. Try to search for the most comfortable spot which you can
hold you head efficiently without much effort. Now gently press down you
head. Use this picture as reference.


You will find that in less than 5 seconds, your whole body will feel more
relax, your can breathe in more air and feel more alert at the same
time. It will also cool down your body. You may want to try this when
you are feeling tired to feel the effect.

As a chinese myself, I know that China people from long time ago used to sleep on a pillow made from hard material such as wood or porcelain.

I am certain that this is to "push" the skull back into it's place.

You can read more from this site.
In this site, it says "In ancient China it was believed the especially soft pillows robbed the body of vitality and energy. To remedy this, pillows were fashioned from hard materials.
For more than a millennium, Chinese dynasties used stone, wood, jade,
bronze, bamboo and porcelain for pillows, which were shaped like or
decorated with pictures of animals, plants, humans or even geometric
figures. Among all these pillows, porcelain pillows were
most widely used. Just like other daily-used pillows, porcelain pillows came into
being with the development of porcelain-making crafts."

Many of you will call this all a bullshit. But ever since I found out about this which is nearly five years ago, I did not swallow a single painkiller(not even one paracetamol) or medicine to cure my fever. Not that I hate medicine but because I didn't have a single fever since. Even going to the hospital is to bring my family member who is sick. I have cured my sister's feet allergic problem which she has been suffering for more than 15 years. You don't have to believe me, I'm just telling you how it is.

I'm not a doctor or a scientist. What I am writing here is from my simple observation which I happened to bumped into just like when Percy LeBaron Spencer discovered microwave. Maybe this is for a reason. What I do know for sure is there is many lies in the modern medical field. All because of money? Maybe, but I doubt it's that simple.

Please take note that I’m not saying that bacteria, viruses or mutation, etc…don’t affect the human health. What I have mentioned above is due to the “natural” condition of a human body particulary the skull which contributes to some of the health problem which we are facing today. Please remember this. To some of you this may sound a little unreal at this point, but to me this is as true and real as the water I drank after I finished running a marathon.