Saudi Judge Says Victim Of Sexual Abuse At Hands Of muslim Father 'Either Insane or Bewitched'...

JEDDAH: A young woman has been given refuge at a woman’s shelter after she filed a lawsuit against her father who she claims has been sexually abusing her since the age of three.

The woman, who is currently at a shelter run by the Himaya Society for Family Protection, alleges that her father began abusing her when she was three and that he has repeatedly raped her throughout her life.

“He used to molest me even when I would be praying,” said the woman in a prerecorded videotape that was shown at a function held by the Himaya Society for Family Protection at Lailaty Hall on Tuesday night.

“He got me forcibly divorced three times…in my third divorce I was pregnant. He even used to rape me during my pregnancy,” said the woman.

“Then he gave me an ultimatum that I either agree (to his advances) willingly and he will let me keep my baby and raise it as his own, or he will throw my baby in a hospital…I refused and he took my baby away.”

The woman also spoke about how she took the case to court and that a judge ordered her to undergo a mental checkup, saying she was either insane or bewitched. Her case is currently pending and if the judge rules against her then there is a possibility she might be returned to her abusive father.

Suzan Al-Mashhadi, a social worker and author, told Arab News that gaining the trust of abused women is a big challenge. “This case is a perfect example of the dilemma women face. This father is a monster but when he appears in court he will have prayer beads in his hands and act like the most decent man in the world. Then what happens? The judge instantly thinks the young woman is accusing her father wrongfully for some ulterior motive,” she said.

“All this happened to this poor young woman and till this date there has been no ruling that her father should undergo a mental check-up or a personality analysis,” said Al-Mashhadi.

Dr. Anaam Hasan Al-Rubaie heads the Himaya Society for Family Protection, which is supported by Princess Adilah bint Abdullah. “It would be a disaster if a victim is returned to the abuser. Himaya is doing everything it can to help victims but we need everyone to work in union, including the police and other legal bodies,” Al-Rubaie told Arab News.

Meanwhile, Himaya announced at the function that it had reached an agreement with the National Security Program to assist each other in helping abused people.

Four short films, directed by Faisal Yamani, were also shown at the function that was attended by Princess Adilah.

The four films were shown to create awareness about domestic violence and encourage abused women to reach out. After the screening of each film a tape was shown of a victim speaking about abuse. One of those tapes included that of an orphan girl whose brother used to burn her with a heated knife, beat her with a cord and tie their mother up with a chain.

Himaya also announced it is soon to build a club for children called Hanoon Club. “In Hanoon we will teach children about their rights, what their responsibilities are toward their parents and the importance of education,” said Al-Rubaie. Hanoon Club is to be located in the Corniche area of Jeddah and Jeddah Mayor Adel Fakieh has volunteered to build it.



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