Man Dies on camera After Getting Bitten by black mamba

apparently it was "suicide by snake" over broken marriage

0:47 - must do, what i must do.
1:44- oh, let go, it hurt. Good, you killed me. I will go to streaming(live), if i die, so i die.
2:31 - i just will stay with you for a while. I make a message to Katia.
3:00- i will just read your messages to me
3:51 - tell Katia that i loved her
4:00 - beautiful, yes?
4:14 - all good bye.
4:44 - i don't realize that it happens to me.
5:26 - call Katia, maybe i can see her.(for the last time). I am dying. Good bye

Arslan Valeev was a famous russian blogger and a snake handler. He dies on 25.09.2017



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