Who are the Nazis in the Ukrainian government?

The Ukrainian government installed by the coup has been recognized by
the Western powers. It includes several members of explicitly Nazi
organizations, including three leaders who have distinguished themselves
by fabricating false images of violence and torture aimed to convince
Western public opinion of the cruelty of the democratically elected
president, Viktor Yanukovych. The Deputy Secretary of the National
Security and Defence Council of Ukraine openly acknowledges his ties
with Al-Qaeda.

The coup organized by the CIA in Kiev brought to
power a government representing the oligarchs and extremist groups. Its
members comprise several Nazi leaders. This is the first time since the
Second World War that politicians referring directly to the Third Reich
have come to power in Europe.
Two of its members claim to have links with the Islamic Emirate of
the North Caucasus, an organization affiliated with al-Qaeda, according
to the United Nations. One of them has left to fight against Russia
within this context.
Three other members were involved in propaganda operations, posturing as victims of the democratic regime of Viktor Yanukovych.

Andriy Parubiy (Андрій Парубій)

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (body which presides over the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces).

Founded the Social-National Party of Ukraine together with Oleh Tyahnybok.

Dmytro Yarosh (Дмитро Ярош)

Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council (body
which presides over the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces).

Leader of Stepan Bandera Treezoob and the Right Sector coalition.

Yarosh fought alongside Chechen Islamists. On 1 March 2014, he
turned for help to the emir of the North Caucasus, Dokka Umarov (Доку
Умаров), considered by the United Nations to be a member of Al-Qaeda.

In the fake video directed by Andriy Kozhemyakin with Andrei Dubovik
playing the role of bad cop, he portrayed the poor naked activist being
roughed up in the snow

Oleksandr Sych (Александр Сыч)

Deputy Prime Minister

Member of the Freedom Party (Svoboda/Свобода); anti-abortion activist (even in the case of rape).

Ihor Tenyukh (Игорь Тенюх)

Minister of Defense

Although his formal membership in the Freedom Party (Svoboda /
Свобода) is not certain, he participates in their meetings. Trained in
the United States, he directed joint Ukraine/NATO maneuvers. During the
war in Georgia (2008), he organized the siege of Sevastopol and was
promoted vice admiral of the fleet. His appointment as defense minister
prompted the Ukrainian Navy not to recognize the new government and to
fly the Russian flag.

Andriy Mokhnyk (Андрей Мохник)

Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine

Member of the Freedom Party (Svoboda/Свобода)

Ihor Shvaika (Игорь Швайка)

Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food

Member of the Freedom Party (Svoboda/Свобода)

Dmytro Boulatov (Дмитрий Булатов)

Ministry of Youth and Sports

Member of the Ukrainian National Self-Defence (UNA-UNSO)

He alleged to have been kidnapped, sequestered and horribly tortured
from 22 to 31 January 2014. He claims to have gone to Germany for
treatment without meeting any journalists. However, Foreign Minister
Leonid Kojara attested that the man was in good shape and that the whole
thing had been staged. The fact remains that he turned up a month later
as fit as a fiddle.

Oleh Makhnitsky (Олег Махницкий)

Prosecutor General of Ukraine

Member of the Freedom Party (Svoboda/Свобода)

Tetiana Tchornovol (Татьяна Черновол)

Chair, National Anti-Corruption Committee

Member of the Ukrainian National Self-Defence (UNA-UNSO)

She claimed to have been violently attacked by unidentified
individuals on 25 December 2013. However, the Interior Minister
denounced a hoax and accused the five arrested attackers of being thugs
working for Vitali Klitschko. This event revived the protest movement
which was running out of steam.