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The Royal Navy attempts the destruction of Heligoland with 6,800 tons of captured German munitions: 1947

This explosion is considered to be one of the two biggest non-nuclear explosions caused by man.
Heligoland had been a major centre of operations against the Royal Navy, especially during WW1 when the U boats, fast torpedo craft, and minelayers based there were an ever present threat, and constant irritation to the Royal Navy at Scapa Flow.
The island was once a British possession which was exchanged with Germany for Zanzibar in 1890.
The use of the Island as a major military base, particularly during WW1 was a serious embarrassment for the British Government.
This exercise was a genuine attempt to destroy the island's structure, so rendering it permanently unfit for further military use.

RAF Bomber Command also mounted a massive raid on 18th April '45, when 969 aircraft turned the surface of Heligoland into a moonscape, while bombing the airfield, AA guns, naval base, and U boat p

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