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Alex Jones is a big fat liar

few more of Alex Jones' laughable beliefs:
• Gloria Steinem is a CIA operative.
• There are Illuminati symbols on Starbucks coffee cups.
• Bill Clinton is a Canaanite devil worshipper.
• Dubya's a member of the British Royal Family (that whole Texan hick thing is just an act).
• Most anarchists are phonies and- surprise, surprise- government ops.
• The Weathermen were a government plot.
• Feminism is a government plot.
• Same sex marriage will destroy America.
• Evolution is a government plot.
• There are surveillance cameras in cable TV boxes.
• The left and right don't exist on the political spectrum, despite the fact he calls himself a conservative.
• Edward VIII abdicated because he was a Hitler admirer. Another lie!
• Gavrilo Princip was actually a British spy.
• Fluoride is a government plot (and 90% of dentists are in on it too).
• Chil

Added: Sep-20-2008 
By: MBrad-C13
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