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Zionist Israel - 9/11 They Did It! - Dr. Alan Sabrosky (Jewish)*

Dr. Alan Sabrosky, Former Director of Studies at the US Army War College says that after studying the facts surrounding 9/11 he is 100% certain that Israel was real perpetrator of this false flag war crime.

Israeli did 9/11, and the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 during the six day war where they murdered 34 unarmed US service men and injured hundreds more in a prolonged 2 hour attack in which they even napalmed the ship and attacked life boats in the hope of leaving no survivors so that they could blame the attack on Egypt, just like 9/11 when they blamed it on Arabs.

More on their 100% complicity in 9/11 here -
*Just a couple of hours after this video was posted and far from getting featured (as if they'd allow that!) this video isn't ev

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