Soros/Clinton Organ Harvesting/Terrorist Infiltration, "Operation Grand Slam"?

If 1/10 of 1% of this video is true, Hillary Clinton and George Soros will roast in Hell for eternity. Haiti was the blueprint for Organ Harvesting, streamlined. CIA, UN, or other contracted spy organizations infiltrate most of the world, and are ready to whack individuals on the enemys' list and all at once. Weapons caches, bomb making material, and organized operatives, if true, makes this video a question for our world's best prosecutors. Have at it boys and girls. Word search the Stark Raving Viking blog for more of this theme. There are 2 more parts to the video from the source.


By: SvenVonErick (1458.42)

Tags: OMG, Hillary Clinton for Prison, George Soros, UN, Agenda 21, US, Police State, Donald J. Trump, TPP, NAFTA, Canada, Mexico, NU, EU, scandal, word search, Stark Raving Viking

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