Door-to-Door Weed Salesman Arrested

Anthony Carrazco, 19, practically arrested himself after he was going door-to-door attempting to sell weed, but he knocked on the wrong door.

Police say Carrazco had a gun, marijuana and went up to a police officer's front door and asked him if he wanted to buy some weed. They say Carrazco even had his own scale.

Police say it happened in the middle of the night at an apartment complex downtown near UTB, but they're not releasing the location to protect the officer.

Residents in the area are getting a good laugh saying it was pretty ridiculous for Carrazco to do such a thing.

Police say the teen was drunk. He tried to sell the officer 3oz before the cop grabbed his badge and placed him under arrest.

The charges are serious, since he was selling by the university - a drug free and weapon free zone.

Police say they do undercover sting operations all the time, but this was unlike anything they’ve dealt with before.
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By: wet501 (8074.12)

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Location: Brownsville, United States


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