Rescuing a calf from a cave

My buddy Alfred and I learned of a calf trapped in a sinkhole / cave. This is us attempting to save it.
I am a caver who has been digging a project on the landowners property for about a year. This area of Tennessee is a great place to live if you are a caver, because it is riddled with sinkholes. This of course can be troublesome for a farmer with young calves wandering around wobbly on their hooves. I had just texted report of my days efforts in my project when the owner called me back and told me about the mother cow hovering near the small sinkhole in his field with a full bag on her (full of milk). He dropped into the hole as far as he could go but couldn’t see around the corner. He smelled the calf though. I was out of town already but promised to return in the a.m. to see what I could find. I enlisted Chuck Sutherland as we were planning to cave anyways. (please do not use the word Spelunk or it’s derivative, we are Cavers and we cave..)
we arrived at 9am and rigged a rope to the hitch of my truck. the opening was2’x3’ and immediately dropped to a shelf two feet below. This small alcove then disappeared back under me; to look in it I had to lay down upside down. I saw the calf but he was yet two feet below what I could reach. I asked Chuck for the bucket and used it to cover the calf while I excavated space for my feet to extend into the alcove. Then I excavated a channel for my head and helmet to bend over in an arc enough to lasso first one, then the other hind hooves. From this position Chuck provided the lift while I directed the calf, upside down and by its rear hooves, up and out the hole to sunlight. The rest is on video. Total time about 1 1/2 hours, 6 buckets of hard clay excavated, about 15 feet deep total depth. No room to work in, he was in an 18” diameter tube.