Cop Reinstated Despite Beating Caught On Video (With Audio)

Update (with Audio) to previous post:

A second Huntsville police officer, fired for violating departmental policy during an arrest, has gotten his job back. Thursday evening, the city council voted to reinstate Bret Russell. Russell was terminated in May. The council decided he could return to his job as a sworn police officer after serving a 30 day suspension. He will then be on probation for six months and must go through several training courses.

Last Thursday, council members voted to reinstate P.J. Lee. Lee was fired from the force at the same time as Russell. He also appealed and received the same suspension.

The incident which ultimately lead to his termination took place on December 23, 2011. Dash cam video captures Officer Russell punching a handcuffed man several times, then throwing blows to the man's body with his knees. Records show the man was beaten so badly he had to be
transported to the hospital.

Attorneys for Russell argued that the man was resisting and that his actions that day were within department policy.