Citizen blasted for Free Speech at Public Hearing

Connecticut State Senator Ed Gomes representing Bridgeport is known for falling asleep during hearings, getting angry for having to listen to public testimony, and having to read typed up official letters of citizens regarding issues to be voted upon. []

In Connecticut, as in most US States, the majority of legislators can be lawyers, making money from court cases, be Free Masons, have other affiliations,, are illegally meeting with Executive Branch or Judicial Branch officials to rig legislation, break rules, obstruct justice, break up families, John DiBiase Jr. gets blasted for wearing a "Court Watcher" tee-shirt getting sworn at by a taxpayer funded official, being called a racist, because he corrected another official's error in quoting a statistic.

All judges and legislators on the Judiciary Committee should have their finances, their spouse's finances, and their affiliations checked into. Most legislators on the judiciary committees should not be allowed to sit on them because of a conflict of interest. Lawyers should not legislate for lawyers to make more money. Lawyers should not pander to judges who curry them favors in court if they bend rules in the legislature. If the elected officials make money by legislating to rip the public off, they are racketeering, obstructing justice, are organized crime, and are denying citizens representation for their taxation while jailing citizens for exercising Free Speech.