Baton Beat Down and Shooting in Philly

PHILADELPHIA - May 26, 2012 (WPVI) --
Action News has obtained exclusive video of last Saturday's life and
death struggle between a police officer and a suspect, which ended in

The incident happened at the intersection of 52nd and Jefferson streets in Philadelphia's Parkside section.

Most of the traffic stopped and people watched as a robbery suspect,
later identified as 31-year-old Sydney Clayton and who police believe
was high on drugs, attacked the patrol officer with his own baton.
While the officer was screaming for help, trying to keep Clayton away
from his gun, the suspect was bashing him over the head... one blow
after another. It was at a moment of separation that the
officer was finally free. But Clayton was not giving up on this fight.
He picked up the officer's fallen baton from the ground, took a few
steps back and made another run at the young officer, who finally pulled
his weapon and fired. There were several shots which caused witnesses, including the person recording the video, to take cover.

You would think several gunshots to the body would be enough to stop a
raging suspect. But Clayton only stumbled, jumped back up and continued
to chase the officer around this vehicle. With her taser drawn,
another cop tried to help. But in the end, it took an army of
Philadelphia police officers to finally take down the man. After viewing the video, we can say that it is amazing that both men, the officer and the suspect, are still alive.

Sydney Clayton remains in the hospital and faces a number of charges.
Investigators are waiting on toxicology reports to see if he was on
drugs. Clayton has had 17 prior arrests for violence and drug related
offenses. The officer is out of the hospital but his name has not been released.