Theodore Herzl Anti-Semite - Father of Zionism Unmasked

By Zionist reasoning, Jews opposing and critical of Zionism are accused of being anti-Semitic, or self-loathing Jews. It's the typical gambit used by Zionists, so mark these Zionist and note their tactics. Their desperate attempts to belittle ppl into silence, conflating Judaism with Zionism and anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism. This is a recent strategy deployed by the Zionist, so they can escape criticism that challenges their neo-colonialist, eugenicist, apartheid ideology and society.

If you want a real example of anti-Semitism then i challenge any Zionist to watch this Israeli televised video with English subtitles below. You need look no further than the architect of Zionism, Theordore Herzl. For his diaries spell out his mindset, and the ZIONIST strategy. It helped fuel anti-Semitism in Europe, thus paving the way for global sympathy and the colonisation of Palestine.

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