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Ultra-nationalists attack pro-Kurdish party and leftist group offices, beat leftists in Bursa (raw)

Violent protests erupted on Sunday in the western Turkish city of Bursa following the killing of 12 soldiers by PKK terrorists in the south-eastern province of Hakkari. Angry demonstrators looted the offices of the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) and a leftist organization. The police rescued a leftist sympathizer as he was to be lynched by the angry mob.

Various shots of angry protesters gathering in front of DTP offices, details of protesters raiding the offices 00:00-00:57
Various shots of protesters throwing DTP sign down from building, protesters stamping on sign, details of riot police trying to control the situation 00:57-01:40
Shots of protesters smashing windows, throwing furniture out, police intervention 01:40-02:27
Interior and exterior shots of damage caused in offices of the THOC 02:27-02:53
Marching demonstrators 02:53-02:57
Various shots of lynching att

Added: Oct-22-2007 
By: smeblee
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