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Some Good News to LEAP About!

By John A. Gayder, Founding Secretary, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Although readers of Free NY need no explanation of the many ways in which the war on drugs has actually made the problems associated to drug abuse worse and bored huge holes into the Bill of Rights while doing so, I can't resist throwing out two NY State anecdotes to help set the tone of this article.

Back in 1978 a colleague of mine named Jack A. Cole was working for the New Jersey State Police. He participated in a joint forces drug bust in NYC that netted 19 pounds of drugs and $350K in cash. At the time it was the biggest seizure of Mexican Brown Heroin in US history. The story about the bust was on the front page of local and state papers for days. Fast forward 16 years later to 1994 and we find a lonely picture on page 23 of the NY Times showing Customs and DEA agents loading 4,800 pounds of seized coc


Added: Nov-1-2008 
By: Macky_J
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