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Cesar viciously bit by wait for it.. a lab

The MSM loves to cover pitbulls negatively. Many people believe that
pitbulls are inherently dangerous but base fact on what the MSM tells

Just like many believe that gun violence is on the rise in
America, its actually on a 20 year low (most are gang related). Stop
watching Mainstream Media, its bad for you!

Here are some myths corrected today:

Myth: Pit Bulls or Pit Bull type dogs are human aggressive by nature.

Fact: Studies
by the Center for Disease Control have proven that no one breed of dog
is inherently vicious. The CDC supports the position that irresponsible
owners, NOT breed, is the number one cause of dog bites.Myth: Pit Bulls or Pit Bull type dogs are inherently vicious.

No more vicious than Golden Retrievers, Beagles, or other popular
“family” dogs. In

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