Conpiracy Theories Are Bullshit - Penn & Teller

OK, I freely admit this is a re-post from 2009. However it has never been more timely. It seems that the conspiracy theory mania has hit fever pitch. Often it seems that NOTHING is beyond having a conspiracy as the explanation for its why/how/where/when details.

The danger here is that like the boy who cried wolf, conspiracy aficionados have created an atmosphere where we are now so desensitized to claims of nefarious forces orchestrating all events that should some such attempt actually be made, even on a grand scale, those calling foul are almost certain to be ignored and ridiculed. In essence, conspiracy theorists who eagerly concoct their claims of reality, almost always through purposely ignoring facts and repeating unsubstantiated claims, are in fact themselves paving the way for unprecedented opportunities for the very type of activity they babble on about to take place.

I blame them for having made me come up with this, my first ever, conspiracy theory. Dammit.

Go Here for a list of conspiracy theories over the years. Look over them and try and find one that has ever been shown to be true.