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(technique "fracking") Josh Fox

Here's a new video which reveals how environmental filmmakers hide facts and science that does not fit their story.

Phelim McElhinney ( went to a screening of Gasland, an Oscar nominated documentary, that makes outrageous and inaccurate claims about a type of gas drilling known as fracking.

Watch how Phelim called out Josh Fox, the director, for ignoring science because it did not fit his ideology.

And watch the director having to admit that the contradicting facts existed but he decided not to include them, because they were "not relevant".

Well, Josh, we will leave it to the public to decide whether this scientific data is relevant or not. And we will continue to push back against those who want to avoid inconvenient questions.

In the past, they turned Phelim's microphone off for asking Al Gore some inconvenient questions. They threatened him with an armed gu

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By: HydrogenEconomy
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