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Bullfight by the rope Terceira Island Azores - Touradas � Corda Ilha Terceira

Terceira is well known for bullfight by the rope. This very special event is unique for Azores. The bull is let loose with a very long rope around its neck, usually at the main road in a small village.

Before every bull is getting out of a wooden box, there will be launched a small rocket which provide a loud noise. This signal indicate, that there is a bull on the street, and the game is ready to begin. The bull is guided by several experienced men, keeping a grip at the roap. The whole idea is, that the local young men now try to get as close to the bull as they dear, teasing the bull going crazy.

All this game is very amusing and dangerous, and in a way also an attempt from the boys to impress the local girls.

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