Jesus in the Talmud

This is a Texe Marrs broadcast.

They have been keeping their Talmudic hatred of Jesus and Christianity hidden for decades, but now, one of Judaism’s highest authorities has authored a book admitting all the vile and ugly provisions in the Jews’ most holy book—the Babylonian Talmud. Discover how our Lord and Saviour is branded a "bastard;" how Mary, his mother, is claimed to be a whore who got pregnant from sex with a Roman soldier; and how the Rabbis proudly brag that they alone—not Pilate and the Romans—are responsible for Jesus’ crucifixion and death. Also, find out how the Talmud encourages Jews to cheat and defraud Gentiles in business transactions; to plot the murder of Gentiles, and why it is said to be OK for Jews to rape and molest children. Unbelievable confessions—made by one of Judaism’s most acclaimed teachers, who says he decided it was time to quit lying and deceiving others and just tell the facts about Judaism’s true beliefs and practices.

Zionist utopia is their goal, and slavery for Gentiles is their aim. - Texe Marrs