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Sickest 92 foot cliff jump you have ever seen!!

Huge jump off the Alapocas factory roof and over another lower building. It is giant, about three seconds hangtime. I entered the water at about 52 mph. The video doesnt quite do it justice. This is dangerous. Don't attempt this or anything like this unless you are a professional, or you WILL DIE.

If you're wondering how i reached my estimate, here's my work:
g is 32 feet per second squared
t is 2.40 seconds (from highest point to impact)
therefore, d is 92.16 feet
avg. speed = distance/time: 92.16ft/2.4s or 38.4fps
max is double: 38.4 x 2 = 76.8fps
convert to mph: 76.8fps/1.467 = 52.36mph

All of this is completely accurate when neglecting air resistance, which is very slight.

Added: Nov-7-2007 
By: knaust
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