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Divers free whale shark entangled in rope

[Nov 7, 2012] Near Socorro Island, about 250 miles south of Baja, Mexico, Divers spotted a whale shark with a large rope wrapped around it’s girth.

The rope must have been there for some time as it had cut deeply into the sharks flesh. One of the divers was able to cut the shark free and it was all caught on camera. Awesome moment…


Winning Comment - By Despott (here)
I wonder if when he gets back to his pals they're like..
"dude where's that weird shit that was hanging off you?"
"some kind of sea fairies took it off"
"yeah course they did mate. you been on the sea weed again?"
"fuck you! I'm a solitary animal. I don't need you cunts anyway!"

I imagine it'd go something like that.

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