A man is killing a family relative with an Iron rod,Axe,Knive and... Hammer

September 2012: In the Arab town of Nazareth (N.Israel) a man called Abed el Karim Abu Saleh decides to kill a member of his extanded family after an old family land dispute and after the victim cursed his father -

After the two had a street fight the killer started to beat the victim numerous times with an iron rod. After that he left him.... Only to come back with an axe! He continued to beat the victim several times while cursing his father back ("Which the victim probably couldn't hear..." according to the reporter).

After that he left again.... Only to come back with a knive! He continued to stab the victim many times and he left him on the road stabbed and bleeding.... Only to come back with a hammer....!!

(Whats left of) The victim was laying on the road but several cars which passed by didn't stop to help.

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