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Elisabeth is BACK & Joy Shows Her Hypocrisy and Stupidity on Afghanistan & Obama's Other Glorious Accomplishments

Wow... I'm sorry, but Joy's ignorance is staggering. How to describe this video? How to explain her thoughts? I absolutely cannot find any words to express how dumb this idiot is.

P.S. Can someone please explain the stem-cell research issue to Joy? What actually happened AROUND that issue? She's completely clueless. She seems to think that Bush took away ALL stem-cell research and that people have died in the interim because of that. Huh? The research was not dumped, Joy...federal funding (i.e. TAX-PAYER DOLLARS) for EMBRYONIC stem-cell research was what was changed. Get your facts straight. Stupid bitch thinks Obama's "stem-cell" research policy change is one thing for which he does deserve the Nobel peace prize. Uh... yeah.

P.P.S. Barbara doesn't expose herself as a mental giant either. Does Barbara know that Ford made profits because they DIDN'T take bailout money? Guess not.

Added: Nov-4-2009 
By: MsUnderestimated
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