Anti-Yanukovich and Anti-Poroshenko activist Anatoly Sharii on Modern Propaganda and Ukrainian Conflict

In 2012, Anatoly Sharii became the first Ukrainian journalist to receive EU refugee status in Lithuania, thus earning him the title of a "victim of the Yanukovich regime." Now his uncompromising criticism of the new authorities of Ukraine earned him the name of an "agent of the Kremlin”. Sharii agreed to an exclusive interview with the Delfi portal.

"They [Western media] have gradually began to use fakes of the Ukrainian mass media, and it's kind of easy - look, here is the source, and that if it’s true is not our problem. It blurs the concept of journalism, it's contagious and it is dangerous - like cancer, "- says Sharii.

It is worth noting that his views on the Ukrainian events are seemingly contradictory. He believes the Crimea and Donbass are parts of Ukraine, does not support separatism, but opposes the use of army forces by the Kiev government. Sharii does not deny Russia's participation in the events, but sees the government’s actions as the main source of Ukraine’s troubles. He points to Putin's imperial ambitions, but refuses to call him a maniac or madman.

Sharii answered Delfi’s questions about information warfare, countering propaganda, war and peace in Ukraine and a Russian-language channel in Estonia.


In 2004 he was a representative of Viktor Yushchenko (Maidan-1 - forcing unconstitutional 3rd round of elections to elect pro-Western Yushchenko) in Simferopol. From 2008 to 2011, he mainly wrote about organized crime. Most of the time worked for "Obozrevatel’", where until 2012 he was the head of investigative journalism division.

In 2011, two criminal cases were filed against him. In one case, he was accused of shooting an unknown assailant with a rubber-bullet gun, and the second - in staging a fake assassination attempt on himself.

In February 2012, he was announced a fugitive from justice in Ukraine. In the same year, he was granted refugee status in Lithuania.

In 2013, he was detained by Interpol in the Netherlands, at the request of the Ukrainian side. The Netherlands refused to extradite.

After the change of power in Ukraine in 2014, criminal cases against Sharii were not closed.

In the autumn of 2014 his YouTube channel was temporarily blocked. However, after considering the case, the Youtube hosting restored it. In 2015, a senior Lithuanian official declared that a revocation of Anatoly Sharii’s refugee status is being considered.

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