Homeland Security & Gov agencies buying TONS of Hollow Point Ammo.. while talk of Gun laws, UN Gun Control etc & mass "Shootings"!?!

The following is a post from www.godlikeproductions.com that I thought relevant in light of current events and the ongoing discussions referencing the Second Amendmant.

Homeland Security & Gov agencies are buying TONS of Hollow Point Ammo.

Here are some numbers,

Purchases of 2012:

450 Million Hollow Point Ammo - Homeland Security
750 Million High Powered Ammo - Homeland Security
200 Million Sniper Rounds - Homeland Security
174 Thousand Hollow Point Ammo - Social Security Administration
85 Thousand Hollow Point Ammo - US Forest Service
187 Thousand other Ammo - US Forest Service
40 Thousand Hollow Point Ammo - National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration


A hollow-point bullet is an expanding bullet that has a pit or hollowed
out shape in its tip, often intended to cause the bullet to expand upon
entering a target in order to decrease penetration and disrupt more
tissue as it travels through the target.

Bare in mind Hollow Point is more expensive than standard ammo, so it's illogical to use Hollow Point for "Target Practice".

Warfare? Hollow Point bullets are illegal to use in Warfare:

So why would Homeland Security suddenly need well over 1 billions rounds, 450 million of which are Hollow Point?

In 2012 we've had multiple "mass shootings", increased mainstream talk of
Gun laws, taking away of our Guns etc all the while Government agencies
are loading up!

Does all this sound like a coincidence to you?
If they want us to have less Guns why are they in a rush to buy so much Ammo?
If different Government agencies are loading up on Ammo wouldn't you want to as well?

What does all this mean?