Stoneman School Massacre Teen-Age Victims Were NEVER BORN?

What happens if we search for birth records of the supposed victims? If we do not find any, might we suppose that these "victims" were using disposable, assumed identities? There are certain legal problems with using minors as crisis actors, which could be neatly circumvented by such a method. Minors cannot sign legally binding non-disclosure agreements with the authorities running the drills.

The VAST majority of widely publicized "mass shootings", are with DRILLS. This is because the "shooting" is actually PART of the drill.

The Stoneman High "shooting" bears more than a passing resemblance to the PROVEN FAKE "Sandy Hook Massacre." This will become increasingly obvious, as more of our information is released in the near future. See the videos linked below for Sandy Hook information to compare. The Sandy Hook "massacre" used faked identities for the children shown in the "victim" pictures, effenctively making them also 'children who were never born' (see "Sandy Hook Phantoms" below).


By: AltPlanetZ (217.50)

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