Syrian Sunni Clerics ask FSA to Kill 'Alawite Women and Children,

have a look at these guys supported by Western media, CIA, USA, Israel, UK, Nato etc See what they like and soon when they finish Syria, they will have lots of loves to the western countries too jst like alawites who are not supporting the FSA terrorists now..

Syrian Cleric Sheik Muhammad Badi' Moussa: We Ruled It Is Permissible to Kill 'Alawite Women and Children, but Advised the Free Syrian Army to Warn 'Alawites before Raiding Their Villages

Syrian Sunni Cleric Adnan Al-'Ar'our Threatens the Alawites Who Supported the Syrian Regime: "We Shall Mince Them in Meat Grinders and Feed Their Flesh to the Dogs"