Glenn Beck Exposes the Private Fed; Gets Fired by Fox

This clip is fairly old, and whatever you think of Glenn Beck or Fox News, this is a must watch clip (first 12min~). This is some of the better reporting you'll see in mainstream media.

-----Key Points-----

--- The Fed wasn't drafted by Congress, but rather by a group of billionaire bankers who controlled 1/4th of the Worlds wealth (at the time).
--- The Fed is a 'banking cartel'.
--- The Fed was drafted with these 5 primary goals;
1) To stop the growing competition from the nations newer banks.
2) To obtain a franchise to create money out of nothing for the purpose of lending.
3) To gain control of the reserves of ALL of the banks.
4) To shift the losses from the bank to the taxpayers.
5) To convince Congress that the purpose was to protect the public.
--- The Fed creates money out of thin air, and lends to the Government, with interest.
--- Operates under the protection of the Federal Government.
--- No accountability.
--- No Government agency has jurisdiction over The Fed.
--- The Fed is privately owned. Clip: