Swiss christians fighting in Syria

More and more christians from Switzerland have begun to go to Syria to protect the christian villages alongside the SAA and fight the IS terrorists. The video is in Italian so it would be great if an Italian LiveLeaker could give us a brief summary about what they are exactly saying there.
It has been revealed that Christian militants in Switzerland are traveling to the Middle-East to fight for Christians in Iraq and Syria.
Germany’s Focus magazine ran an article titled ‘Christian Union against Terrorism’ which claimed that so far at least 10 Christians have gone to Iraq to fight.
The article, which cites Switzerland’s Sonntags Zeitung newspaper, said that money is also being collected in the country to support the Christian militants who trained in secret camps.
In the past two years, Syriac Christians in Switzerland have raised as much as 200,000 Franks, according to Focus. The Syriac Military Council in northern Syria have also reportedly accepted the Christian Union militants from Switzerland into their midst.
SVP politician Lukas Reimann warned that those who are participating in the war in the Middle-East are in breach of Swiss law.

Source: thebosniatimes