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What ancients did for us - The INDIANS (documentary)

Hart-Davis, Jopson and other experts that examine the ideas and inventions that emerged from Ancient India.

Water clocks to regulate Buddhist meditations are discovered and recreated by Jopson for demonstration.

Observatories, like the 18th century Jantar Mantar, precisely monitored the sun for more accurate measurements of time.

Harappan cities, like the 4,000 year old Dholavira were built to a grid-plan and boasted the world's first sewage system.

Indian numerals, including the number zero discovered in a 9th century temple, revolutionised modern mathematics.

cultivated, woven and coloured with traditional techniques taught to
Darling by local workers for export all over the world.

Metalworking resulted in wonders like the iron pillar visited by Darling and Wootz steel.
Yoga as demonstrated by Darling developed 4,000 years ago to unite the spi

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