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Rachel Maddow: There's no debunking the right wing media.

Rachel Maddow explores how the right wing media exists in its own self sustaining world, where facts are no longer checked and its audience forms their opinions solely based on "things they've heard".

Case in point: The right wing media reported Obama spending 200 million per day in India.
Thoroughly debunked by people who actually know better, but the accusation still lingers in the back of peoples minds, creating distrust and hate of/towards Obama.
It doesn't have to be true, and it CAN be debunked. That's ok, just planting the idea is enough for people to start distrusting Obama.

The same thing actually happened right here on Liveleak.
Do we need to be less trusting of "things we've heard"?
Should we go back to fact checking things for ourselves, or do Limbaugh, Beck and Michelle Bachmann deserve our trust enough for us to spread their claims?
Is Rachel Maddow right? Is th

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