Ukraine. "Right sector" reported about intentions to destroy Russia and addressed to the Chechen fighters

Radical movement , consisting of various organizations nationalist orientation , " Right sector" has officially announced the full mobilization and appealed to the Chechen rebels with a friendly message.

The official report of motion states that " The right sector" plans to confront the " intervention of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine ."
" Even today, the door of your house can be knocked boot soldier " brotherly " countries . We win! Glory to Ukraine ! " - The statement says the organization.

Also " Right sector" adopted an appeal " to the peoples of Russia."
" Russian and all other enslaved peoples of Russia ! Now your fate is being decided in Ukraine. We fought not only for their own, but also for your freedom ! Now you too have the chance to fight for their freedom against the KGB Putin regime . Held mass protests that generates partisan detachments . blocked roads . Destroy military infrastructure . Maintain us, and we will support you! no other way ! " - calls " Right sector . "
In his last letter, the head of the "right sector " Dmitry Jaros appealed to Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov : "Handling the leader of the" right sector " Dmitry Doku Umarov to Yarosh . Ukrainian people and the peoples of the Caucasus united together shed blood . Plenty of Ukrainians in arms supported liberation struggle of Chechen and other Caucasian peoples. now is the time to support Ukraine , As the leader of the "right sector," I urge you to intensify its fight . Russia is not as strong as it seems. you now have a unique chance to win. Take advantage of this chance ! leader "Right sector " Dmitry Jaros ."
In another report, " Right sector " reports about his intentions : "The Russian empire will be destroyed ! Urge Resistance Movement Caucasus , as well as all the liberation movements in Russia intensify their activities . "
These messages " Right sector" puts in a non-stop on the official press center movement placed on the service "in contact" .

The Russian Foreign Ministry is waiting for the West's reaction to the appeal to Umarov Yarosh:

Russian Foreign Ministry Commissioner on human rights Konstantin Dolgov said that Moscow is expected to respond to the call of the head of the West Ukrainian ultranationalist organization " Right sector" and one of the leaders of the Maidan Dmitry Yarosh to the leader of the Chechen terrorist Doku Umarov .
" Neo-fascist Ukrainian Yarosh called for help terrorist Umarov. At these "democrats" in Ukraine relies West ? Reaction would be there? "- The diplomat wrote Saturday in his twitter .

Earlier, the leader of the "right sector" Dmitry Jaros through interesting in "VKontakte" requested support to Doku Umarov .

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