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Thailand Joins the Solar Fast Lane

A recent installation in Lopburi Province proves Thailand's credentials as a magnet for large-scale solar developers, and the pace of expansion is unlikely to flag.

As a country, Thailand benefits from strong year-round solar radiation with the largely rural northeast Isaan region of the country benefitting most. It is not surprising then that Solar Power Company (SPC), a Thai developer, has plans for 34 solar plants in Isaan totalling 204 MW by the end of 2012. But while SPC will likely be the major player in Thailand’s fast-developing solar sector, the honour of developing the largest solar plant to date will go to Natural Energy Development (NED), a cooperation of local and foreign financial institutions together with manufacturer Sharp Corporation.

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  • The reason solar and wind are lagging in the states is because there arent enough pockets to line in the process so it gets stamped down by any of the concerned parties. Its like pot, if you grow your own they cant tax you or keep you coming back after an initial purchase. I mean think about how your car runs, its century old tech for the most part. Oil CEOs and geochemists know fossil fuels arent the future. Once we tap out most of the oil supply theres going to be a lot more solar jobs by defa More..

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    • @trichome1 well said my man:)

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    • @trichome1 you are a fucking moron...the USA is one of the worlds major users of solar and wind electricity.

      Also, idiot, the US has been at the forefront of developing the technology to more effecient level...CHINA just has the slave labor to mass produce the panels...people like you are complete sheep, you blindly regurgitate whatever enviro-whacko-left wing cult leader tells you...

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