Abu Mohammad al-Golani Al-Nusra leader speech deny Islamic state decision

10.4.2013 Syria

Thanks to @usounddodgy "He's saying that Jabhat Al Nusra is the same one of Iraq and nothing have changed, we will be obeying Ayman Mohammed Rabie al-Zawahiri under one aim despite we have lost too many followers in Iraq and the Islamic State will be established in Syria, we'll work together both in Iraq and Sham(Syria)."
In other words; he is admitting they are Al-Qaeda and always have been, but the current "news" has not happened, they still follow Zawahiri's orders and that they will not be 1 entity but 2 states that will work together.

The claim is that in this speech the Leader of Al-Nusra front al-Golani or Julani deny knowledge of the united Islamic state of Syria and Iraq.

Hopefully someone can help me translate it and also verify voice to be his. Considering the fake video on al-Bouti everything is very suspect.



Comes via FNN Syria