Serbs about Russians and Americans

Why are Americans and their Western partners against our Serbs?because we are a small but disobedient people,and because we are close to the Russians and ethnic and cultural alliance, and in every way...we are actually native Russians, originally eastern Slavs,and we are not ashemed of our origins, as opposed to the Catholic Slavs (Croats and Slovenians), which they refuse their origin,and even agree to be enemies of Russia. We are not, we are allies, we are a small Russia on the Balkans.For that west is hating us, and therefore are trying to destroy us.......that my indictment because of my nationalist ideology ....and that all comes down to the nationalist ideology and say that all is because i disseminating that the nationalist ideology,I'm proud of it!!!Prosecution me this false indictment helped,helped to improve that nationalist ideology, and to take these 5 years for its further making over it.I am especially grateful to the prosecutor's office that I was allowed to suffer because of this ideology, this process my ideology of nationalism can not be eradicated from the Serbian people,my ideology will only be more rooted.My life is not important anymore,live is my ideology and will live much years.....after my see if you want if someone want to ideology be so strong and powerful, the author of same must show a willingness to suffer(dead) for the ideology.I am grateful to the Hague tribunal which has provided me the opportunity to suffer for my ideology.I express great regret that those who wrote the Hague tribunal's statute did not anticipate the death penalty, and to proudly upright with dignity as my friend Saddam Hussein seal my ideology, the ideology would become immortal.Since I do not have that possibility my only option is to appeal you to watch that your sentence contains the strictest possible punishment. Higher the punishment is, stronger my ideology is. I lived enough, but i want to make my ideology immortal.Right now I am making my ideology immortal because it is : 1.logically strong
2.firmly grounded in historical facts, 3.because is the anti-globalist, 4.because it's directly opponent to planetary hegemony and domination of the United States 5.because I irreconcilable opponent of the European Union
and and because I am a great enemy of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty)
that is why they condemn me in court
and it is good that they do it!
Never forgett NATO bombing of Serbia and Kosovo with depleted uranium bombs. Don't forgett destroying Gracanica monestery bulit in 1321 by KLA, for wich americans say it's just a collateral damage. USA is founded in 1776.